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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Sat Apr 03, 2010 10:09 pm

In every club, organization, forum, etc. there are rules to abide by. Some rules are made to be broken, others to be bent and I won't strictly enforce them however in general it would be nice if you would know them and try not to break them. You agreed to these rules when you registered in the forums so try to stick to them.

The ten commandments of the Otaku Lounge:

1)Thou shalt READ the rules.
So far so good!

2)Thou shalt BE ACTIVE!
A club only functions with active members! There is no club if there are no participators!

3)Thou shalt not be a n00b, nor an elitist.
Just because you think you are better does not mean act like a snob.
Just because you are stupid does not mean to purposely endorse it.

4)Thou shalt not insert Japanese words into English sentences. 'Tis not "cool."
If I hear someone say something like, "That's sooo KAWAIIIIIIIEEEE!" I'll slap them. Take a Japanese language course and use the language properly, in context!

5)Thou shalt be respectful.
We all have our versions of being polite between certain people but just do your best to treat others and their opinions well.
aka As the old saying goes, "If you've got nothing nice to say..."
STFU! Unless presented in an argument forum or the rant corner with a disclaimer allowing you to bash something.

6)Thou shalt be open-minded.
Everyone has their weird quarks and what not. Just be accepting.

7)Thou shalt take responsibility for thine own actions.
Saying sorry is a lot easier than getting punched out.

8)Thou shalt not encourage stealing of licensed material.
The Anime industry is dying because of n00bs stealing content. While I understand that everyone has spending limits I don't endorse it and no one else should.

9)Thou shalt obey the officers.
Within reason. If I ask you to be polite or wait your turn, then yes. If I ask you to do my homework... Probably not. Unless we have a binding contract... but that is circumstances.

10)Thou shalt, above all, love the Japanese Culture and anime!
The reason for this clubs creation is for anime. If you don't love or at least like anime then you can go somewhere else. This is not a hate club.

Hopefully I have explained the rules well enough. Other than that I ask you to please....


For items described above posts shall be removed and if you continue to cause difficulties after being warm we can and will ban you or suspend you from entering the forums.
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Rules and Regulations
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